First priority of our development team is a simplicity of use concerning the interface of our software. Apart from highly-qualified programmers, there are communication designers in our development team who create a user-friendly and aesthetic software.
Far too often, we have to realize that the technology meant to simplify our live is actually the reason for irritations and a unnecessary waste of time. How often are we trying to use a mobile phone, wondering whether it really has to be that complicated - it¥s just a telephone!

Programers tend to create a software as extensive as possible. They often forget that the user does not have, and probably not want to have, their technical knowledge. We aimed at developing interfaces suitable even for people who never used a computer before. For this reason, we develope control systems for use with touch screens. Thus, the computer interface can be reduced to a technical minimum. Based on this concept, we created presentation- and teaching systems, that not only give independence to the user, but also assure that the user may concentrate on the audience, not on the technology of the computer.